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A No Contest Divorce in Pennsylvania Is Easy, Affordable and Swift Thanks to The Attorneys at NoContestDivorceLaw.Com

Going through a divorce can be a very unsettling and emotional experience. Even in recent times, the process was incredibly difficult and tiresome due to a law that required one party to be ‘blamed’ for the breakdown of the union.

Luckily divorce law has moved with the times, and in today’s day and age you can file for divorce online through new laws that do not require contest. This means neither party blames the other, offering couples a dignified and collaborative way to cease their marriage.

No Contest Divorce Law, LLC, are perhaps best placed to advise on what you’ll be required to do to divorce through without contest, thanks to the vast experience their attorneys have in handling such cases.

Here’s how a no contest divorce in Pennsylvania works, the costs involved, and how to start the process today:

  1. Agree a no contest divorce with your spouse

The most obvious yet critical step is to agree that you will go through a no contest divorce. This is an appealing option for many as neither person must prove their spouse’s guilt to a court. The following must be agreed upon:

  • Both parties agree that the marriage is irretrievably broken
  • Both parties agree to get a divorce
  • Both parties are willing to sign an affidavit consenting to the divorce OR
  • The parties have been separated for at least (1) year and both agree to sign all documents necessary for the divorce.
  1. Take a free, no obligation and confidential questionnaire to understand how long the process will take

‘The Divorce Master’ is an online tool from No Contest Divorce Law, LLC, that allows you to answer a set of questions to determine how long you’ll need to wait before you can be officially unwed. This takes just a few minutes and is available via their website.

  1. Start your no contest divorce for just $319 online

Divorce is still a complex situation that requires professional, experienced legal help. With No Contest Law, LLC, you’re not given a confusing, do-it-yourself online kit. Instead, you are provided with a Pennsylvania divorce lawyer with years of experience in handling such cases, and court costs are included in this fee.

Click here to start your no contest divorce process online

  1. Work with your Pennsylvania attorney to create a legal settlements document

There will undoubtably be assets or family matters that will need to be agreed on. The experienced attorneys at No Contest Law, LLC, will create a legally binding settlement agreement that eliminates misunderstandings and reduces potential conflict. Matters covered include:

  • Child custody
  • Debt
  • Property
  1. File your paperwork and begin proceedings in just under 30 days

After filing the paperwork and paying the fee, the filed paperwork must be served to the Defendant spouse within 30 days. Once this is received, the Defendant spouse must sign an Acceptance of Service, which needs to be filed with the court within 10 days of signing.

From here on, the length of time it will take to be official is dependent on whether you have been separated for over or under a year.

File for a no contest divorce in just 30 days, and avoid a trial process

For those who want a no contest divorce, this process can save significant amounts of time and money and will avoid an adversarial trial process.


More information:

At the No Contest Divorce Law, LLC, we handle no-fault, uncontested divorces exclusively. The No Contest Divorce Law, LLC Method of Obtaining an Internet-Based Divorce℠ allows our clients to achieve a simple divorce quickly and at the most affordable price possible in the state of Pennsylvania: $319 complete, including legal fees and court costs. Learn more via the website: https://nocontestdivorcelaw.com/.

Source: https://thenewsfront.com/a-no-contest-divorce-in-pennsylvania-is-easy-affordable-and-swift-thanks-to-the-attorneys-at-nocontestdivorcelaw-com/

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