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Blue Waters Pool Services Helps Ensure Your Pool or Hot Tub Stays in Top Condition During COVID-19

COVID-19 has impacted everyone’s lifestyles over the past year, with more and more of us staying at home thanks to lockdowns and restrictions. Our homes have become our sanctuaries from the pandemic, and those of us who are lucky enough to have gardens and pools or hot tubs are spending more and more time enjoying them – especially during the spring and summer months. This, of course, means that hot tub and pool maintenance has to be top priority to ensure you can enjoy your investments for longer.

Blue Waters Pool Services is made up of a team of specialists who are dedicated to discovering and analyzing the best pool and hot tub products and offering them to you. They are passionate about maximizing your time spent actually enjoying your pool or hot tub, and they ensure you can do so by:

  1. Providing you with professional maintenance services as well as general advice on keeping your facilities in good condition
  2. Hunting down and reviewing the very best pool products that make maintenance a breeze and supplying them to you at discounted rates

Professional pool maintenance

Maintaining pools and hot tubs is incredibly important in terms of keeping you and your family safe and extending the overall lifespan of your facilities. By investing in regular upkeep, you can save yourself time and money and have peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that your hot tub or pool will be clean and safe for you to enjoy with your loved ones.

Blue Waters Pool Services provides friendly, professional pool repair and maintenance services so that you can relax and enjoy your pool or hot tub, making fun memories with your loved ones. One of the professional maintenance services they offer is a weekly cleaning service that includes, but isn’t limited to:

  • checking that the water level and water quality are at optimum
  • ensuring that all your equipment is functioning well
  • testing and adjusting chemical balance and pH levels
  • removing any dirt or debris from the water
  • emptying the skimmer, pump basket and pool cleaner bag

The Blue Waters team are highly experienced in solving any problems related to pools and hot tubs, and they will strive to keep yours in top condition through their range of services and informative web articles. What’s more, their technicians are highly skilled and fully trained, and each member of the team works tirelessly to provides you with an exceptional customer service experience.

Researching and offering high-quality products

Pool and hot tub maintenance can unfortunately be very time-consuming and overwhelming if you’re trying to manage it on your own. True, there are time-saving solutions out there, but you often have to spend hours and hours researching and comparing countless products to find a good one – which kind of defeats the whole point.

Blue Waters Pool Services makes it easy for you to hunt down the latest time-saving maintenance products that suit your individual needs. The team can save you precious time, stress and energy by conducting all the research and analysis for you, then they test out and review the products before offering them to you at discounted prices.

Blue Waters is proud to partner with the very best brands in the industry in order to offer you the most reliable and award-winning products on the market today. The team only endorse those products they truly feel make a difference and would use themselves, so you know you can always trust their guidance and reviews in your search for the best pool products. For more information, get in touch with the team today and discover how they can help you!


More information

Blue Waters Pool Services is a company based in Southern California that’s on a mission to help you get the most out of your pool or hot tub. For more information, please head over to their website at bluewaterspoolservices.com. You may also get in touch with the team if you have a direct inquiry by emailing info@bluewaterspoolservices.com.

Source: https://thenewsfront.com/blue-waters-pool-services-helps-ensure-your-pool-or-hot-tub-stays-in-top-condition-during-covid-19/

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